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Thermos Bottle

The smart AMINO ANIMO Τhermos Βottle, in collaboration with the innovative company Closca, redefines hydration and protects the planet from single-use plastics. With its reusable design and patented silicone flap that attaches to your backpack, bike or suitcase, this will be the last bottle you will ever need to buy!

Stainless steel, silicone
• Keeps drinks up to 24 hours cold and up to 12 hours hot, without adding to the taste
• Hands-free grip, thanks to the patented silicone flap that attaches your Thermos Bottle to your backpack, bag, bike or suitcase
• Secure closure for no leaks
• Silicone base for better grip on any surface
• NFC tag that connects your Thermos Bottle to the Closca Water App to find water sources around the world
• Without BPA
• Capacity 450 ml
• 2-year warranty
• Fill the Thermos Bottle with water or your favorite drink.
• Take it everywhere with you.
• Refill.
• Washing in the dishwasher is not recommended.
• Unsuitable for boiling or cooling.



By taking your smart AMINO ANIMO Thermos Bottle everywhere with you, you become part of the global #MyLastPlasticBottle movement! Let’s reduce together our impact on the seas and oceans.

One with nature

The reusable AMINO ANIMO Thermos Bottle is made of stainless steel, a durable material that keeps your drinks at the perfect temperature, without adding to the taste. Stainless steel is free of BPA, phthalates and toxins.

Everywhere with you

The elastic silicone flap allows you to attach the metal Thermos Bottle to your backpack, bag, bike or suitcase to accompany you wherever you go. Even at the airport security check, when empty.

Hot or cold?

Thanks to the double protective wall, you can keep your favorite drink for up to 24 hours cold or for up to 12 hours hot. The hermetically closed lid will ensure no leaks.

Be the change!

An NFC tag connects your Thermos Bottle to the free Closca Water App to track your daily hydration and find water refilling spots around the world.

Download the App!

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